Design Indaba is simply unique. As a designer and keynote speaker I have had the opportunity to speak in a lot of places, they always have been welcoming to me too, but with Design Indaba it is different, unique, ‘magical-fantastic’ really is the world. Everything can happen at Design Indaba.

I have, like you mentioned, a real history with the platform.

The first time I got on the DI stage I was just two years after graduation from the Royal College of Art. My boyfriend at the time, Thomas Thwaites, (who made a toaster from scratch and now is trying to become a goat) got a book deal out of his talk the year before. I was real nervous and I knew I needed to try and find a way to overcome my anxiety in order to truly share my passion. So, I turned up on stage in my astronaut outfit. I don’t think that Michael Beirut and Ravi [Design Indaba founder and CEO Ravi Naidoo] had been informed, and I will remember their surprised facial expression for as long as I will remember DI.

Before my talk, during the rehearsals, I became friends with the sound engineer. Together we tried variety of levels on the sound speakers in the room, in order to really give a bombastic blast to the audience.

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